Training Options

Anthony’s training is specialized in that it is not just about fitness, but rather taking care of the whole body so that it performs at its best. Anthony uses his education in Kinesiology to assist each client/athlete with injury prevention exercise, post rehab exercise, and performance enhancing exercise. Moreover, he uses his experience working with top physical therapists to understand deficiencies of the body and how to create balance. It is this care that separates Anthony’s coaching techniques from the average trainer. Furthermore, Anthony ends each workout with passive stretching. This is where the client relaxes while Anthony works on increasing flexibility with the client. If the client/athlete reports pain or discomfort, Anthony will use therapeutic massage to aid in recovery. Training with Anthony is like having a yoga instructor, massage therapist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, and personal trainer all in ONE.

Youth & High School Fitness

  • Sport specific performance
  • Weight loss
  • Increase strength
  • Team training

Sport Specific Performance

  • Agility
  • Balance and proprioception
  • Endurance training
  • Injury prevention, evaluation, & rehabilitation

Adult Fitness

  • Weight loss
  • Functional fitness
  • Performance rehabilitation

Buddy Sessions

  • Two people
  • More affordable
  • More motivation

Small Group Fitness

  • Three to six people
  • Community environment
  • Like-minded fitness goals

Half-hour & Hour-long Sessions

  • Flexible duration to fit your schedule
  • Specific intensity to meet your needs and availability
  • YOUR workout YOUR way