Functional Fitness

Anthony will come up with a personalized fitness plan to help you achieve your goals. Parisi Fitness and Rehabilitation specializes in weight loss, increasing lean muscle, balance and proprioception, core stability and strength, sport specific performance, flexibility, hypertrophy and neuromuscular coordination by using methods such as intervals, circuit training, stabilization, and total body workouts.

Performance Rehabilitation

Using my experience from physical therapy and athletic training, I can take your fitness routine to the next level – functional fitness and rehabilitation. This would include an evaluation, stretching, foam rolling, therapeutic exercises, therapeutic modalities, and a home exercise program.

Nutritional Guidance

Losing weight can be made fun and easy with the help of a Healthy Options sheet you can take anywhere. We can also go over your personal eating habits and help modify your food choices and calorie intake for the best results. It is not about putting yourself on a diet, because diets come and go. It is all about helping you create a new healthy lifestyle. The changes you make today lead to a healthier and more confident tomorrow.