About Anthony

Anthony started his passion for sports and fitness at a young age. His dad mentored him as a boy while his mom cheered from the sidelines. In high school Anthony played baseball, football, and lacrosse; however his competitive spirit often lead to injury. Sometimes it seemed he was living in the athletic training room more than he was at home. It was the experiences he had with the physical therapist and athletic trainers that lead to his passion for performance fitness and functional rehabilitation.

Anthony went to San Diego State University and received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Kinesiology with an Emphasis in Athletic Training (AT). San Diego State has one of the best AT programs in the nation. Once the students are accepted into the program, they must take a full load of classes and an internship with a team for a minimum of 35 hours a week. Anthony interned with baseball, football, rugby, women’s volleyball and soccer, men and women’s tennis, and men and women’s lacrosse. As the Director of Student Affairs for the Future Athletic Training Society, Anthony organized and led community service, team bonding, intramural sports, and study sessions. Throughout college, Anthony also interned at local physical therapy clinics. This experience further enhanced his knowledge in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, and rehabilitation.

After he graduated, he began working at Gold’s Gym. In his first month of training, he was recognized as trainer of the month among 22 others and in his second month he was promoted to Assistant Fitness Manager. Although he enjoyed managing and helping his coworkers, Anthony realized he missed the connection he had with his clients and the feeling of achievement he received when his clients reached their fitness goals, so he decided to focus solely on training. After he regained a new book of clientele, he became one of the top trainers in Gold’s Gym LA. Anthony was 1 of 11 employees out of 760 to receive the end of the year Rolex bonus and he was 1 of 4 to be a part of Gold’s Gym’s outreach program- an opportunity to go beyond the usual tasks and assist every member and guest with answering questions and designing new programs. He worked for Gold’s for almost 2 years, but after he became certified as an Athletic Trainer he knew it was time to spread his wings and dedicate himself to independent training, where he combined all of his experience and knowledge into one dynamic program- Parisi Fitness and Fit Body Boot Camp.

I set myself apart from the rest by:

1. Offering result driven workouts at an affordable price.
2. Working out of multiple locations for the clients’ convenience.
3. Dedicating myself to creating a great experience every workout.
4. Researching the latest tips to make eating healthy fun and easy.
5. Providing clients with the proper supplementation to take their workouts to the next level.

Anthony Parisi

Anthony Parisi

Anthony’s training is specialized in that it is not just about fitness, but rather taking care of the whole body so that it performs at its best. Anthony uses his education in Kinesiology to assist each client/athlete with injury prevention exercise, post rehab exercise, and performance enhancing exercise. Moreover, he uses his experience working with top physical therapists to understand deficiencies of the body and how to create balance. It is this care that separates Anthony’s coaching techniques from the average trainer. Furthermore, Anthony ends each workout with passive stretching. This is where the client relaxes while Anthony works on increasing flexibility with the client. If the client/athlete reports pain or discomfort, Anthony will use therapeutic massage to aid in recovery. Training with Anthony is like having a yoga instructor, massage therapist, physical therapist, athletic trainer, and personal trainer all in ONE.

“My vision is to one day own my own facility where physical therapy, athletic training, sports performance, and personal training can all be housed under the same building.”

– Anthony Parisi


3255 East Thousand Oaks Blvd, Unit C
Thousand Oaks, California 91362
Phone: 805.230.0155

Parisi Fitness and Fit Body Boot Camp

At this location:

  • Full gym
  • 30 min. metabolic training
  • Challenging HIIT circuits
  • Dynamic resistance training
  • REAL people and REAL results
  • Fun fitness community
  • Cutting edge equipment